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Students in School of Economics Carry Out Labor Education during Winter Vacation

三月 01 2020





  Labor education is an important aspect of college students' extracurricular education, and also an important way to cultivate their self-ability. For college students, it is an opportunity to know the society, understand the society and improve their personal ability and help them go out of the comfortable circle during the holidays. In order to implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by President Xi Jinping at the National Education Conference, we should cultivate socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence and physical culture. During the winter vacation, all the students in the school of economics carried out labor education with the theme of " starting from a small thing".

  Due to the impact of the epidemic, the whole society slowed down during the winter holiday in 2020, and the holiday became longer. All the students of the school of economics participated in this labor education activity, and the number of participants reached 1669. Since the launch of the activity, it has received extensive attention in the college. Although more than 1000 students live in different regions, they actively participate in this activitie in their own way. Some students choose to do housework to relieve their parents' burden, some students use their spare time to develop their hobbies, others use time in winter vacation, to participate in social activities to broaden their experience, and others join volunteer work in the severe fight against COVID-19.

  Karl Marx said, "Physical activity is a great way to prevent all social viruses". It is not hard to see from the photos sent by the students and their experience of participating in the labor education that the students have improved their awareness of helping their parents to bear family responsibilities, strengthened their sense of responsibility, and set up the values of contributing to the society in the future. Through this activity, we also paid more attention to our own physical achievements, not afraid to bear hardships, and improved our ability to live independently, so as to accumulate experience for going to the society in the future.

  No matter in which way the students take part in this labor education activity, our hope is to make "labor education" a part of their lives, and make "labor education" no longer a slogan but a practical act.

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