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Li Yongkui

五月 07 2020


   Name: Li Yongkui

  Faculty: Big Data & Statistics

  Professional Title: Assistant Professor


  Office:Jingye Building 5014








Academic & Professional Qualification:

  •Ph.D. in Financial Engineering,University of Electronic Science & Technology of China, 2016

  •M.A. in Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Wuhan University, 2005

  •B.A. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Qufu Normal University, 2002


Research Interest:

  • Credit Risk Management and Evaluation

  • Corporate Finance

  • Statistical modeling in Economics




  • “ The Influence of Control Strategy on the Stability of Affiliated Enterprises Network-- Based on the Perspective of Associated Credit Contagion,”(with QIAN Qian and ZHOU Zongfang) Chinese Journal of Management Science, 27(6),2019, 21-29. (in Chinese)

  • “Corporate Lawsuit, Red-hat Executives and Commercial Credit Based on the Empirical Evidence of Chinese Listed Companies,”(with Mao Yanji and Chen Zhiying) Risk Analysis and Crisis Response at the Belt and Road -- Proceedings of the 8th Annual Meeting of Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention, Atlantis Press, Paris,2018.

  • “Associated Credit Risk Contagion and Simulation Between Enterprises Based on the Incomplete Immune Scenario,”( with Zhou Yimao and Zhou Zongfang.) Chinese Journal of Management Science, 25(1), 2017,67-74. (in Chinese)

  • “Contagion Delayed Effects of Associated Credit Risk Based on Scale-free Network,” (with Zhou Zongfang)Journal of Systems Engineering, 30(5),2015, 575-583. (in Chinese)

  • ”Associated Credit Risk Contagion Between Enterprises Based on the Imperfect Immunization Scenario,” (with Zhou Zongfang)Procedia Computer Science , 2015, Volume 55,336–340..

  • “Contagion Delayed Effects of Associated Credit Risk Based on Small World Network,”(with Zhou Zongfang) Systems Engineering,33(9),2015, 74-79. (in Chinese)

  • “Based on the Principal Component Analysis and Entropy Weight Method for City Night Market Economic Analysis——Taking Chongqing for Example,”(with Wang Zhiyong)City Issuses,3, 2014,96-101. (in Chinese)


Awards and Honors:

  A study on the contagion mechanism and evolutionary characteristics of related credit risk in enterprise groups, The third prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award. (2015), (Ranked Fourth).



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