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Dong Lihong

四月 23 2020


  Name:Dong Lihong

    Faculty:Big Data & Statistics

  Proessional Title:Lecturer

  Email: dlhchina66@163.com









Academic & Professional Qualification:

  •Ph.D. in Economics and Business Administration, Chongqing University, 2015

  •M.A. in Economics and Management, Southwest Forestry University, 2010

  •B.A. in School of Business, Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics, 2006


Research Interest:

  lRegional Economies

  lQuantitative Economies




  •”Institutional quality, extrusion effects of technology innovation and resource curse based on the empirical analysis of China' s provincial panel data”, Science Research Management,2015,36(2):88-95

  •”Technology Input, Openness Degree and Resource Curse: An Examination of Terms of Trade with China' s Provincial Panel Data”, Journal of International Trade,2015,(9):55-65

  •”Technology and Human Capital Investment and 'Resource Curse' :Based on the Empirical Analysis of China’s Provincial Panel Data”, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management,2016,30(4):18-24


Research project

  •Chongqing social science planning Youth Project, 2018YBJJ037

  •General program of Humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, 17YJC790024

  •University level scientific research projects, 2015XZQN-14


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