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Shao Lijun

五月 14 2020


   Name: Lijun.Shao

  Faculty:International Economics and Trade

  Professional Title:Industrial Economy, Regional Economics

  Email: junjunkagoshima@163.com








Academic & Professional Qualification

  Academic: Doctor of Philosophy

  Professional: Industrial Economy, Regional Economics

Research Interest

  Industrial Economy, Regional Economics, International Economics , International Trade, Economics of Tourism


  Lijun,Shao(2019),”Corporate Behavior of Motorcycle Industry on the Decline: Focusing on the Export and Foreign Direct Investment”, Journal of the Doctorate Studies in Social Sciences,No.16

  Lijun,Shao(2018),”A Study on the Market Behavior of Joint Ventures and Domestic Capital Companies which coped with the Rapid Growth of Chinese Motorcycle Market: the Formation of the Four Great Integrated Areas and their Export Trend”, Annual Report of Economic Science,No.57

  Lijun,Shao(2017),”Comparative analysis of Chinese and Japanese motorcycle industry”, Research Report Collection ,No.14

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