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Shi Zhenhua

五月 07 2020



  Name: Shi Zhenhua

  Faculty: International Economics & Trade

  Professical Title: Assistant Professor

  Email: 651745030@qq.com







Academic & Professional Qualification

  • Ph.D. Southwest University of political science and law, 2015

  • M.A. South-Central University For Nationalities, 2003


Research Interest

  • International Economy and Trade

  • Law and Economics




  •"Welfare Effect of Urban-Rural Integration from the Perspective of Social Capital [J],” Research on Institutional Economics, 2017, 03-31.

  •“A study on the Democratic Parties Performing the Function of Democratic Supervision [J],” Forum for Moving Forward, 2017-07-05.

  •“Impact of Tax Incentives and Fiscal Expenditure on FDI Inflows[J],” Research on Institutional Economics, 2015-06-01.

  •“Study on Household Registration. Social Capital and Income Satisfaction [J],” Research on Institutional Economics.2014-06-15.

  •Research on the Influence of Urban-Rural Income Gap on Income Satisfaction[M]. Xiamen University Press, 2015-08-15.

  •Study on FDI Inflow Effect of Fiscal Expenditure in China[M], Chongwen Publishing House , 2015-08-15.

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