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He Weiwei

五月 07 2020


  Name:HE Weiwei

  Faculty:International Economics & Trade

  Professional Title:Assistant Professor

  Email:  xiangf@hku.hk









Academic & Professional Qualification

  •Ph.D., Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, 2017

  •M.A. in Chongqing Normal University, 2011

  •B.A. in Shijiazhuang University of Economics, 2008


Research Interest:

  Rural Labor Migration



  “Research on Motivation to the Transfer of New Generation Labor Force:Empirical Analysis Based on 1109 Survey Data in Sichuan Province”,Modern Finance and Economics, 2016(11):11-20.

  “Research on the Impact of Human Capital and Social Capital on New-generation Migrant Workers’ Entrepreneurial Intention Based on Study of 1109 Survey data in Sichuan Province”, Northwest Population, 2016(04):37-44.

  “The Influence of Non-Economic Expectation Factors on the Rural Labor Transfer:Todaro Model Modification and Empirical Validation”,Agrotechnical Economics, 2017(04):4-15.

  “A Study on the Influence Factors of Rural Labor Transfer From the Perspective of Intra-generational Diversity : An Empirical Analysis Based on Micro-data”,Review of Finance and Economics, 2017(09):3-10.

  “Identity,Adscription Sense and Development Expectation: Study on Factors Affecting the City Settlement Willingness of New Generation Migrant Workers——Based on Survey Data From Chongqing”,Rural Economics, 2017(08):7-12.




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