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Xiao Zhongyi

五月 08 2020



   Name: Xiao Zhongyi

  Faculty: Finance

    Title: Associate Professor, Vice Dean

  Email: xiaozhongyi@swupl.edu.cn

  Office: Zhizhi Building 410



Academic & Professional Qualification

  Ph.D.   Texas Tech University

  M.S.    Southwest University

  B.S.    Southwest University


Research Interest

  Corporate Finance

  Application of Big Data

  Theory of Financial Market

  Household Finance


Selected Publications

  “Decision-making Mechanism of Migrant Worker Households' Consumption and Saving Behavior in the Process of Urbanization—From the Perspective of Urban Belonging” (with Ruiqin Li) Economic Survey, 2019, 36(4),16-23.

  “Financialization, Life Cycle and Persistent Innovation: An Empirical Research Based on the Industrial Difference” (with Lin Lin) Journal of Finance and Economics, 2019, 45(8): 43-57.

  “Listed Company's Level of Corporate Social Responsibility and Improvement of Bank Debt-financing Capacity” (with Xiaoying Wang and Zhongyi Xiao and Yuanhe Liao). Reform, 2018, (7): 108-115.

  “The Effects of Innovation Environment on Asset Allocation of Rural Household in the City” (with Yu Huang and Zhiying Chen and Lin Lin) Economic Review, 2018, (5):148-159.

  “The Impact of Talent Innovation Environmental and Entrepreneurial Activity on Household's Asset Allocation” (with Zhongyi Xiao and Ruiqin Li and Zhiying Chen and YuHuang) World Economic Papers, ,2018, (4): 20-35.

  “Empirical Analysis of Subjective Well-being and Allocation of Financial Asset of Rural Household in China” (with Peng Zhao and Yaling Zhou) Journal of Central University of Finance & Economics, 2018, (2): 38-52.

  “A Survey of William Brock's Contribution to Quantitative Economics and Ecological Economics”. Economic Perspectives, 2017(7):148-158.

  “The Nonlinearity of Residents' Investment Behavior in Housing Market in Response to Monetary Policy” (with Yu Huang and Zhiying Chen and Zhisu Ge) Economic Survey, 2017, 34(5): 141-146.

  “Subjective Happiness, Personality Characteristics, and Household Asset Allocation” (with Yaling Zhou and Wenchao Yu). Journal of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law , 2017, (1): 47-56.

  “Inflation, Housing Property, and Subjective Well-being of Chinese Urban Residents” (with Yaling Zhou and Wenchao Yu) China Economic Studies, 2017, (3): 50-63.

  “Research on Social Friends'Network Capital and P2P Online Loan Behavior Selection” (with Siming Li). Shanghai Finance, 2016, (4): 47-52.

  “The Role of Monetary Policy in Explaining Stock Market Limited Participation Puzzle—Based on the View of MS-VAR Model”(with Zhiying Chen and Dinghua Xu)Research of Institutional Economics, 2016, (3): 114-131.

  “Parent- child Altruism and Asset Allocation of China's Rural Families” (with Zhiying Chen and Siming Li) Journal of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, ,2016, 32(03): 3-10.

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  “Tax Examination, Tax Burden and Enterprise's Productivity: An Empirical Analysis on the Enterprise Data from World Bank” (with Wenchao Yu and Yaling Zhou). Economic Science, 2015, (2): 70-81.  

  “Impact of Consumer Finance on Regional Rural Consumption in China”(with Siming Li) Journal of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, 2015, (2): 56-63+71+159.

  “Regional Difference of the Impact of Urbanization on Rural Consumption and Its Threshold Effect” (with Zhongyi Xiao and Chenchen Zhao and Siming Li). West Forum, 2015, 25(3): 16-23.

  “Urbanization, Financial deepening and Consumption Structure of Rural Household” Statistics & Decision, 2015, (6):101-105.

  “Research on REITs Innovative Financing of Public Rental Housing: A Case Study Based on Chongqing Public Rental Housing Project” (with Lian Liu). Price : Theory & Practice, 2014, (6): 87-89.

  “Empirical Study on Dynamic Conditional Correlation between Domestic Meat Market and International Future Commodity Market” (with Yaling Zhou). Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University (Social Sciences Edition), 1 2014, 4(4): 32-41.

  “Empirical Research on Market Risk and Return of Stock Portfolio” (with Yaling Zhou) Journal of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, 2014, (3): 32-38.

  “Average Variance, Average Correlation of U.S. REITs market”(with Li Siming). Journal of Experimental Economics and Management Science.2015, (12):    .

  “An Empirical Test of the Pollution Haven Hypothesis for China: Intra-host Country Analysis”(with Li Siming and Lin Zhangxi).Nankai Business Review International.2015,(2):.

  “How Friendship Network Works in Online P2P Lending Market” (with Li Siming, Lin Zhangxi, Qiu Jiaxian, Safi Roozmehr). Nankai Business Review International, 2015,(1):.

  “Expected Return, Time-varying Risk, and Hedging Demand in the U.S. REITs market” (with Lin Zhangxi, Li Siming). Journal of Management Analytics, 2014,(1):.

  “Intertemporal Relation Between the Expected Return And Risk: An Evaluation of Emerging Market” (with Zhao Peng). Journal of Applied Business Research, 2013, (5):.

  “Winner versus Loser: Time-varying performance and Dynamic Conditional Correlation”(with Zhao Peng, Masha Rahnama, Zhou Yaling). Journal of Applied Business Research, 2012,28(4): 581-594.


Awards and Honors

  SWUPL’s Horner of Excellent Teacher in 2019

  Supervisor of the "Prize" of the National University Challenge Cup Chongqing Competition Area in 2019

  The Second Prize of the 2018 National University Mathematical Modeling Competition in Chongqing

  Faculty Advisor of CFA Research Challenge (Chengdu Local) Champion in 2015

  Supervisor of the first prize of the 15th National College Students' Challenge Cup in Chongqing in 2017

  Faculty Advisor of CFA Research Challenge (Asia-Pacific Region) Outstanding, in 2016.

  Horner for SWUPL’s third prize in the school-level teaching achievement award.

  Supervisor of the 4th CIFIC Cup Futures Derivatives Knowledge Competition in 2016

  Supervisor of the Third National Prize in the Third CIFIC Cup Futures Derivatives Knowledge Competition in 2015

  Excellent Papers of the 2013 Annual Conference of Institutional Economics in China

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