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Qiu Xinguo

五月 08 2020


  Name:Qiu Xinguo 


  Professional Title:Lecturer

  Email: qxg25@163.com

  Office:Jingye Building  5018







Academic & Professional Qualification

  • M.A. in Economics, SouthWest University, 2007

  • B.A. in Agriculture, SouthWest University, 2003


Research Interest

  Household Finance  &  Informal Finance

  Financial Regulation

  Monetary Policy & Bank Management



  • " Internet Use and Household's Financing Behaviors: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Data from Chine  Family Panel Studies,” (with Guanghe Ran) Contemporary Finance & Economics, 11,2018, 56-67.

  • “Local Financial Supervision and Financial Agglomeration,” Financial Theory & Practice, 10, 2018, 45-49.

  • “Interest Rate of Informal Financial Market: Autonomous or Reactive?——An Empirical Study Based on Provincial Unbalanced Panel Data,” (with Guanghe Ran) Forecasting, 36(6), 2017, 43-49.

  •  “The Impact of Investment Informal Finance on Rural Income Inequality:Impact Mechanism and Empirical Evidence,” (with Guanghe Ran) Systems Engineering, 35(12), 2017, 25-34.

  •  “Study on Influencing Factors of Rural Lun Hui  Interest Rate:Based on An Empirical Analysis of Leqing County in Zhejiang Province,” (with Binru Cai) Financial Theory & Practice, 10, 2017, 33-39.

  •  “Study on the Effect from Industrial Restructuring to Energy-saving and Emission-reducing Based on the Panel Data of 247 Cities in China,” (with Jinglai Tan) Scinece And Technology Management Research, 35(10), 2015, 239-242+254.





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