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Fan Chuanqi

五月 08 2020


  Name:Fan Chuanqi


  Professional Title:Lecturer

  Email: 523141835@qq.com







 Academic & Professional Qualification

  • Ph.D., in Agricultural Economics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, 2018

  • M.A. in Industrial Economics, Sichuan Agricultural University, 2014

  • B.A. in Finance, Sichuan Agricultural University, 2011


Research Interest

  Rural Land System Reform

  National Food security



  • " The Impact of Imported Substitutes on Corn Consumption Markets in China,” (with Fan Dan and Hu Xiaoping) China Rural Economy, (5), 2017, 18-30.

  • “Retrospect and Prospect of China's Grain Price Regulation in the 40 Years of Reform and Opening up, ” (with Hu Xiaoping and Gao Hongyang)Journal of Sichuan Normal University (Social Science Edition),(6),2018, 23-29.

  • “Comparison of the efficacy of different testing methods in the Granger causality Test,” (with Fan Dan) Statistics and Decisions, (12), 2017, 9-13.

  • “A Comparative Study on the Paid Exit Mode of Farmers' Contracted Lands,” (with Tan Jing and Lei Junzhong) Rural Economy, (4), 2017, 37-41.

  • “High Cultivated Land Rent: Reason Analysis and Policy Implications,” (with Fan Dan) Journal of Sichuan Normal University (Social Science Edition), (6), 2016, 114-120.

  • “Limit Distribution and Sample Characteristics of Related Parameters and Statistics in Fallacy Regressions,” (with Fan Dan) Statistics and Decisions, (1), 2015, 22-26.

  • “Some thoughts on cultivating the development of family farms,” (with Tan Jing and Lei Junzhong) Rural Economy, (8), 2013, 91-93.

  • “An Empirical Study of the Environment Kuznets Curve in Sichuan Province, China,” (with Zheng Xiaojun) Environment and pollution, (3), 2013, 108-121.

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