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Fang Hong

五月 07 2020


  Name: Fang Hong

  Faculty: Economics

  Professional Title:Lecturer

  Email: 584632565@qq.com










Academic & Professional Qualification

  •Ph.D., Southwest University of Finance and Economics, 2011-12

  •M.A. Guizhou University,2007-7

Research Interest

   Agriculture and rural Economics


  •Which sectors’ growth is more beneficial to the rural poor? China economics academic

  resources network, Working paper(WP795), 2015

  • The Effect of Non-agricultural Employment on Investment in Agriculture, Journal of

  Yunnan University of Finance and Economics,2013, (1).

  •The Effect of Monetary Shocks on Relative Agricultural price, Statistics and Information

  Forum, 2011, (9)

  •The Effect of Monetary Shocks on Agriculture in a open economy——Based on causal

  graphical method, Chinese rural economy, 2011, (8)

  •Regional Comparison of the Efficiency of Fiscal Fund for Assisting Agriculture—an empirical study based on three-stage DEA model,Soft Science,2011,


  •A study about technical efficiency of agriculture in China: measuring, finding

  and explaining based on the provincial level, Agrotechnical Economics, 2010,


Awards and Honors

  •Award for outstanding achievements in social science research, third prize,

  awarded by Guangxi provincial government,,2012

  • Award for outstanding papers, first prize, awarded by China Agrotechnical

  Economics Research Assoc

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