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Han Jiali

五月 07 2020


   Name:Han Jiali

  Faculty:Faculty of Economics

  Professional Title:Lecturer

  Email: HJL9011@163.com








Academic & Professional Qualification

  • Joint Ph.D.Programme, The University of Sydney, 2017-2018

  • Ph.D., Southwest University, 2013-2018

  • B.A. in Accounting, Southwest University, 2009-2013


Research Interest

  Agricultural Economics




  • “The Impact of Labor Mobilityon Farmers' Multidimensional Poverty in Poverty Areas.” (with Zhizhang Wang and Hanjie Wang) Economic Science . 2017.

  “Can Multi-Targeted Poverty Alleviation Strategy Effectively Reduce Poverty in Poverty-stricken Areas?” (with Zhizhang Wang and Hanjie Wang) China Soft Science , 2017.

  • “A Study on Estimation and Sharing of the Public Service Cost in the Citizenization of Agricultural Migrant Population.” (with Zhizhang Wang) China Soft Science . 2015.

  • “The poverty Reduction Effect of Rural Labor Mobility for Impoverished Areas in China’s New Era: A Study of Contiguous Impoverished Areas.(with Zhizhang Wang and Hanjie Wang) Population Journal , 2018.



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