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Chen Yian

五月 07 2020


  Name:Chen Yian

  Faculty:School of Economics

  Professional Title:Assistant Professor

  E-mail:  chenyian@swupl.edu.cn

  Office:Jingyelou Building, 5015








Academic & Professional Qualification

  •2018.1-2019.1, University of Oxford , Academic visitor

  •2016/9 - present, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, School of Economics, Associate Professor

  •2016/1-present, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Post Doctorate

  •2014 / 7-2016 / 9, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, School of Economics, lecturer

  •2012 / 9-2013 / 6, Visiting Scholar, Montreal University, Canada


Research Interest

  Labor Market; Immigration; Employment; Innovation and entrepreneurship; Institutional Economics


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